Zed Du Couteau








The Alliance




Avelina Du Couteau (mother), Zacks Du Couteau (father)


Lawful Neutral


Fine, I will fight. ~ Ofcourse.. ~ Be sure to thank me when I save you. -Zed Du Couteau

Zed is a young, rather brown skinned man who wanders around the world, training. His main hobby is fishing, and he likes to cook the food that he catches. He is currently on his way to the world to train.


Early LifeEdit

Ever since a child Zed had an interest for weapons and fighting. He liked to spar with his friends all day and he was actually quite tough. He was one of the strongest in their class or team whatever I should call it, but he always had that fear for losing his strenght and being left alone.

When he became a teen along with his friends, he was very much behind in fighting skills, he wasn't strong and he didn't know even know how to use a real sword properly. He trained very hard but still couldn't become as good. His friends soon became real soldiers that served Stormwind in honor, but Zed still had a long way to go.

At the age of 20, his best friend was assassinated by an orc assassin. He swore he would have revenge on the orc no matter the cost, and so he left to train his skills.

Coming HomeEdit

After he had finished his training, he was very exhausted and sleepy. He still wanted to come back, and left right away. During his way back to home, he experienced many things, such as sparring with a wolf and riding a raptor. When he got back to home, he greeted his parents, his friends and the other people of Goldshire. He then left to Stormwind to look for some action, he had heard that there was always something going on. When he was walking on a bridge, a man approached him and asked him if he had seen a slightly burned worgen, Zed said that he hadn't and it somehow led to a conversation. First he talked about his friend who got assassinated and it soon led to a deep conversation about power and the horde. The man's friend/student (whatever she was? :p) came by and it led to a slight argument, maybe even more than just a slight one. At the end of the conversation, actually already when the two had left, Zed dropped a few tears from his eyes and suddenly changed his mind about fighting. When the man came back, Zed said to him Fine! I will fight. (and at the top of the page you can see the rest!)



  • Name: Zed du Couteau
  • Age: 24
  • Race: Human
  • Birthplace: Elwynn Forest
  • Home: Stormwind (just moved in)
  • Affiliation: The Alliance

(more soon)


  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Eyes: Dark green
  • Hair: A rather long brown hair that touches his neck from behind.
  • Figure: Pretty muscular

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